“The Gates of Tears are Never Locked”


The Gates of Tears are Never Locked

Between Mechila and Shtar Mechila

by Osnat Sharon 21/9/2015

Osnat Sharon

Moses Maimonides in Hilkhot Teshuvah (The Laws of Repentance) Chapter 2 writes that repentance and Yom Kippur can only atone for the sins between man and God but as to the sins between man and man—“someone who injures a colleague, steals from him or the like, will not be forgiven until he gives his colleague what he owes him and appeases him”.

“The person does not want to forgive him—he (the offender) brings a group of three friends and approaches with them and request . If is not appeased, he should repeat the process a second and third time. If does not want to forgive him, he need not pursue and the one who didn’t forgive is considered the sinner.”

Every year I read these laws and think whether I have really forgiven? Was my forgiveness to my friends, to my husband, to my employer wholehearted? Did I really let go of all my anger? Click to read more…

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