“The Gates of Tears are Never Locked”


The Gates of Tears are Never Locked

Between Mechila and Shtar Mechila

by Osnat Sharon 21/9/2015

Osnat Sharon

Moses Maimonides in Hilkhot Teshuvah (The Laws of Repentance) Chapter 2 writes that repentance and Yom Kippur can only atone for the sins between man and God but as to the sins between man and man—“someone who injures a colleague, steals from him or the like, will not be forgiven until he gives his colleague what he owes him and appeases him”.

“The person [who was wronged] does not want to forgive him—he (the offender) brings a group of three friends and approaches with them and request [forgiveness]. If [the wronged party] is not appeased, he should repeat the process a second and third time. If [the wronged party still] does not want to forgive him, he need not pursue [the matter further] and the one who didn’t forgive is considered the sinner.”

Every year I read these laws and think whether I have really forgiven? Was my forgiveness to my friends, to my husband, to my employer wholehearted? Did I really let go of all my anger? Click to read more…

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