The Theocracy in Democracy Project: An Uneasy Union

by Eeta Prince-Gibson –  2/11/2014

When it comes to marriage & divorce, Israel is a theocracy under the control of its Orthodox Rabbinate. What can be done?

To all appearances, the Lavies are a normal, middle-class, non-religious family, struggling with the high cost of Israeli living and the day-to-day demands of raising four young children. The kitchen counters of their modest third-floor apartment in Giv’on HaHadasha near Jerusalem are covered with the clutter of a weeknight, the supper dishes draining next to the sink. The refrigerator doors are plastered with magnets holding down bills to be paid, school schedules and reminders of appointments and events. Two daughters, ages seven and nine, are playing in the living room while the younger children, both boys, are already asleep…

Click to read the full article on the Moment Magazine website… 



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