Three Days to 2.5 Years

12806143_1126147334084899_9031953274447009110_nThree days turned into a two-and-a-half year struggle.

A mere three days..  that’s how long it took for Yael (changed name) to understand that she had made a mistake, that she had married a fraud, that their entire courtship had been based upon a lie.

Yael left the marital home during the course of the Sheva Brachot, after her husband’s terrifying behavior toward her. He quickly understood his bargaining power, and demanded financial “compensation” in exchange for her divorce.

Yael arrived at Yad L’isha – the Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center, which immediately appealed the beit din‘s decision to negotiate the price of the compensation as well as appealing the lack of a chiyyuv get decision.

When Yael’s husband realized that he wouldn’t be seeing any compensation and that his wife was standing firm in her position, he gave in and delivered the get.

Mazal tov to Yael (left), and to her advocate, Tamar Oderberg (right).

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