OTS Schools Top-Ranked for Values, Excellence

img_07351On August 21, 2016, the Israeli Ministry of Education published a list of 277 schools which excelled in the social and academic realms and in the area of values.

Schools in which the greatest changes were noticed in their students’ performance and activities over the course of 2015-16 received the highest scores. We are delighted and proud to announce that, of these 69 exclusive schools ranked in Level One, three are members of the Ohr Torah Stone network:

  • OTS Yeshivat Neveh Shmuel, in memory of Samuel Pinchas Ehrman, Efrat
  • OTS Ulpanat Neveh Channah, in memory of Anna Ehrman, Alon Shvut
  • OTS Jennie Sapirstein Girls’ School, Ramot, Jerusalem

Even more extraordinarily, this was the second time for all three of the OTS schools to place in Level One.201220151226בלמונטה - מעבדה בפיסיקה

201220151226טיול שנתי לגולן - שכבות י - יב 2

Interestingly, of the entire list of 277 schools (Levels 1-4), 52 were religious schools, yeshivot and ulpanot. OTS Director General Yinon Ahiman wrote an Oped on this issue, which appeared in the Israel Hayom newspaper.

When Rabbi Riskin established the very first school in today’s OTS network in 1983, he based its philosophy on a synthesis which embraces the Torah, Zionism, a commitment to the Jewish people and the best the Western world has to offer. We are gratified to bear witness to the fruits of his work and his vision, when the quality of our schools speaks for itself.

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