Is Rut Really a Role Model?

Is Rut Really a Role Model? By Rabbanit Dena Freundlich, Ram’it in the Maria and Joel Finkle Overseas Program at Midreshet Lindenbaum The Question About a year ago, a Midreshet Lindenbaum alumna (Sarah Cabot, ML 5778) posed a thought-provoking question to

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“Shabbat Shalom” – Shavuot 5780

Shabbat Shalom: Shavuot By Rabbi Shlomo Riskin  Efrat, Israel – The Scroll of Ruth contains one of the most idyllic stories in the Bible, a tale of “autumnal love” between a widow (Ruth) and a widower (Boaz), within the backdrop of

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Rabbanit Sally Mayer

Who Knows Ruth?

Who Knows Ruth? By Rabbanit Sally Mayer, Rosh Midrasha of the Maria and Joel Finkle Overseas Program at Midreshet Lindenbaum How does Ruth the Moabite ultimately gain acceptance within the Jewish people, and even become the mother of royalty? Ruth is

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Rabbi Shlomo Vilk

What We Really Received at Sinai

What we really received at Sinai Rabbi Shlomo Vilk, Rosh Yeshiva of the Robert M. Beren Machanaim Hesder Yeshiva 7 June, 2019 Nobody knows precisely what was uttered at Sinai; our Sages and scholars over the generations have offered numerous

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Rabbanit Chamutal Shoval

Ruth and the Hollywood Ending

Ruth and the Hollywood Ending The story of Ruth, as is, does not furnish the stuff for romantic Hollywood films, teaching instead about a building an enduring relationship. Rabbanit Chamutal Shoval is a fellow at the Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute

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Rabbi Chaim Kanterovitz

Faith and Kindness

Faith and Kindness Rabbi Chaim Kanterovitz, Senior Rabbinic International Educator and Director of OTS’s OMEK program I have always wondered why it is that of all the Megilot – Scrolls that we read, on Shavuot we read the book of Ruth.

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