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PODCAST: Sharing Torah with the World

Tradition Online | November 28, 2022

TRADITION’s Summer 2022 issue featured an article by Rabbi Dr. Yakov Nagen, “Sharing Torah with the World: The Jewish People’s Responsibility to Non-Jews,” a learned treatment of issues related to the challenge of being a “light unto the nations” in which he argues that teaching Torah to non-Jews is the most effective way to fulfill our Jewish spiritual mission.

His is a provocative thesis, since it must account for longstanding contrary attitudes and approaches, and must justify the endeavor in the face of readings of tradition and halakha which (at best) looks at such activity with suspicion, or (at worst) outright forbids it. Nagen takes all this on in his essay, which has been made publicly available by Tradition. 

Below: watch the video recording of Rabbi Nagen being hosted on the Tradition podcast, by the Journal’s editor, Rabbi Jeffrey Saks:


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