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Ulpanot and Yeshivot Head the List of Excellent High Schools

Israel’s Ministry of Education published its annual list of outstanding high school educational institutions for the 2019-20 academic year, and religious yeshivot and ulpanot are at the top of the tables and their teachers will be awarded reward grants.

Arutz 7 | 25 August, 2020

The Ministry of Education published today a list of high school educational institutions whose teaching staffs will receive financial compensation awards for attaining best achievements in the 2019-20 school year.

High schools are measured according to the rate of eligibility for matriculation, dropout prevention, absorption of special education students, enlistment in the IDF after graduation, civil service and a number of other parameters.

Nearly all of the top ten outstanding institutions are religious high school yeshivas and ulpanot for girls under the auspices of Israel’s state-religious educational stream. Religious schools also star in the entire list, which contains a total of 302 educational institutions.

“It’s a source of great pride to see five of our high schools on the list of excellent educational institutions in the country, as identified by the Ministry of Education,” said Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander, President and Rosh HaYeshiva of the Ohr Torah Stone network.

Ohr Torah Stone’s Neveh Channah, Oriya, Midreshet Ohr Torah and Yeshivat Ohr Torah “Ariel” headed the list in the highest category of excellence. Another Ohr Torah Stone school, Derech Avot, was listed in category four. Click here to see the full list (in Hebrew)

Rabbi Brander continued: “This achievement is particularly remarkable recognizing the unique challenges of the past several months when our educational staff had to continually re-invent how to teach and communicate with our students.  We also know that these marks of excellence are not just a reflection on the academic standards of our schools but also the embrace of values and ethical behavior which are practiced every day by our students and teachers and define the spirit of Ohr Torah Stone.

To read the full article (in Hebrew) on the Arutz 7 site


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