Empowering Jewish Women as Educators and Role Models

D espite having been a Jewish studies teacher for 14 years, Esti Honig never felt completely comfortable teaching halakha (Jewish law). Thanks to your support, this is starting to change. Esti teaches at Kohelet Yeshiva High School in Philadelphia. She

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Rabbi Shlomo Riskin: Honoring a revolutionary rabbi – review From building Efrat to Orthodox women rabbis to Christian relations. By ALAN ROSENBAUM Published: MARCH 10, 2022 17:54     RABBI SHLOMO RISKIN dances with the Torah at the Ohr Torah Stone annual dinner,

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Marching on the Glass Floor

MARCHING ON THE GLASS FLOOR Remarks delivered at the ceremony granting the degrees of Manhiga Ruchanit and Morat Hora’ah at Ohr Torah Stone’s Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership July 5, 2020 13 Tamuz 5780 Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander

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Feeling at Home in the Synagogue

Feeling at Home in the Synagogue Yachad Program for Jewish Identity coordinators across Israel bring hundreds of children into shuls each year for hands-on “introduction to the synagogue” tours and events, creating ensuring that this generation grows up understanding that

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Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander – Select Publications

“Finding a Home in our Midst: Engaging and Welcoming Gay and Lesbian Jews Within the Orthodox Community” “Kabbalat Shabbat: Why Is This Night Different from All Others?” in Mitokh Ha-Ohel,From Within the Tent: The Shabbat Prayers ed. Daniel Z. Feldman

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Photo of Poland by Laura Ben David/LBD

Yes, there’s Jewish life in Poland

Yes, there’s Jewish life in Poland – A Photo Essay by Laura Ben David Not long ago, I joined a delegation for a very unique trip to Poland. When I told friends where I was going, the response I got

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Staying Connected

Since taking on the mantle of leadership at OTS, President Rabbi Kenneth Brander has made a priority of remaining engaged with both students and staff, visiting the various institutions and programs to give shiurim, dialogue and answer questions, as well

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Sharon Belkin getting award

Young at Heart

Report Cards for a Class of Young (at Heart) Students In an end-of-term ceremony, certificates of excellence were distributed to students, one of whom was Sharon Belkin, 66, from the Senior Adults class in Ohr Torah Stone’s Derech Avot high

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Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander – Lecture Topics

General Topics: Ruling Over The Other: Exploring the Halakhic Relationship with the Arab and Minority Communities in Medinat Yisrael Ethics in Philanthropy: Should Synagogues and Jewish Institutions Accept Tainted Funds? Is There a Glass Ceiling for the Role of Women

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