Virtual Gala 2020

In light of Covid, Ohr Torah Stone’s annual OTS Dinner in New York was replaced this year by our first-ever Virtual Gala. Much as we love to see everyone in person, it was an incredible feeling to ‘go virtual’ and celebrate with friends and supporters from all around the world! 

Even if you were unable to attend the Virtual Gala, you can still see the moving, inspirational videos paying tribute to our two honorees and four COVID heroes:

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Our Honorees

The Jewish world is constantly changing. Alongside these changes, Ohr Torah Stone is developing new programs and creating opportunities to meet challenges and build a stronger Jewish world in Israel and across the globe. Rabbi Shmuel Klitsner and Judy Klitsner and Rabbi Ohad Teharlev are living role models who exemplify the value of spearheading change to make the Jewish world stronger, more vibrant and more just. They have developed some of OTS’s trademark, trailblazing initiatives – programs which may have seemed earth-shattering at first, even threatening to some, but which today continue to impact positively upon the face of Israel and the organized Jewish world as we know it.  

Click on the images below to see the moving video tributes screened at the Virtual Gala 2020. 

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Saluting COVID-19 Heroes on the Front Lines

OTS is deeply proud that so many of our students and parents, teachers and administrative staff have been doing all that they can to offer relief, safety and comfort in the wake of the COVID crisis – each serving as a shining example in his or her own way. Some were literally on the front lines through the IDF, others offered their services to hospitals and corona testing labs; some nourished the weakest sectors of society professionally or through volunteer work, while yet others provided their communities with physical, halakhic and spiritual sustenance. With great difficulty, we chose just four of these front-line heroes to represent them all at the Virtual Gala.  

Click on the images below to watch the videos saluting these extraordinary heroes: 

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