Warsaw’s Jews Bury Sifrei Torah

Warsaw’s Jewish community buried fragments of pre-war Torah scrolls inside two enormous clay jars at the city’s Jewish cemetery on the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the start of the Warsaw ghetto uprising. 

Kol Hakavod to OTS Straus-Amiel graduate, Warsaw’s Chief Rabbi Moshe Bloom, for organizing the burial in cooperation with Poland’s Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich and others. 

Torn Torah Scrolls Laid to Rest After 74 Years

PHOTO CREDIT: פבל ברילסקי – Pawel Brylsky

In 1936 in Poland, a levayah was held for remains of sifrei Torah. That was the last time such a thing was done in that country until April 19, 2017, the 74th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.

The day after Pesach, in a unique and deeply moving ceremony, the torn parts of sifrei Torah that were recently unearthed during construction on Jana Pawla Avenue, at the site of the Warsaw Ghetto, were placed in clay pots and buried near the human remains that were found underground at the same location and interred in 2004.

The burial was organized by Rabbi Moshe Bloom, Rosh Kollel Nozyk and a Rav of the Jewish community of Warsaw, together with Rabbi Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi of both Poland and Warsaw. Click here to read the entire article.


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