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Episode 22: “When the Stones DO Speak”

Use of innovative technological advances to examine ancient stones from the time of the First Temple corroborates the bibilical narrative. Is this good news for believers in the Torah? Do we really need new technology and scientific evidence to confirm our traditions and beliefs? Or do we act only upon our faith?

*** Note to 0:55 *** This scientific discovery also helps us understand II Kings Chapter 12, when Haza’el, King of Aram, came up from Gat to Jerusalem, and King Yoash was so concerned about Haza’el’s power and formidability as an enemy that Yoash gave him treasures from the Temple. If one looks at geomagnetic dating, one can observe that Haza’el destroyed not just one major city, Gat, which the Tanach mentions, but rather multiple cities, including Tel Rom in the Beit She’an area; Tel Zayit, which is 30 kilometers east of Ashkelon; and Chorvat Tavet near Afula, all significant cities in that time period.


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