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Jerusalem Post | Magazine –  11/10/2017
In an article in this weekend’s Jerusalem Post Magazine (11/10/2017), Pnina Omer, Director of Yad La’isha: The Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center and Hotline, reminds readers that, “The spirit of the Halacha is to do everything possible to release agunot from their chains and be lenient in the laws relating to agunot.” But today, she tells the Post, “the issue of mesuravot get [women denied divorce by recalcitrant husbands] and agunot is one of the most difficult issues facing the Jewish world.”

The article by Sarah Levi, entitled “Will they ever be unchained?”, reports on what is being done to help such women who are trapped in abusive or unviable marriages, and examines ways of preventing greater numbers of women from experiencing the same fate. We are extremely proud of Omer and our outstanding female advocates for the work they are doing on both fronts.

 While today there are other organizations which assist trapped women in a variety of ways, Yad La’isha remains in the forefront as the largest, most experienced and most comprehensive support center for agunot, as noted in the article. It is our fervent hope that, together, we will be able to eradicate aginut from our midst entirely, and return to the original, compassionate spirit of halacha.

Click to read the article on the Jerusalem Post website


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